“Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky .
We fell them down and turn them into paper that we may record our emptiness”
Khalil Gibran

Trees on right are protected by NSW State Government Conservation Agreements and recognised to contain threatened species, Endangered Ecological Communities and high conservation lands. Those on the left are approved for firewood clearing by the same government .Forestry newtworks state as a "scientific fact' that they are of no conservation value, common vegetation types and have no threatened species, is dying and in severe decline...

trees approved for firewood logging

Spring 2010. This pouch is only temporary accomodation. This joey wallaroo needs the shelter of this forest when he grows up…
these lands are being logged for firewood now.

These photos  were all taken in Mount Rae Forest. 

Mount Rae Forest January 2012

snow in the forest-august 2008

Forestry interests state that Mount Rae forest is too “overstocked” for trees to develop hollows …

this photo is from my property and duplicates exactly land next door approved for logging. It also contains a population of the rare orchids of this forest.

in forestry terms -'an overstocked forest'-in reality this area contains rare orchids and existing native ecosystemsExactly duplicates lands for logging but my side of the fence...perfect habitat for the NSW listed as Endangered Buttercup Doubletail orchid-18 plants have been verified and documented in this area adjoining that for logging.

approved for loggingapproved for loggingapproved for logging

All photos were taken in Mount Rae forest by Mark Selmes.They were taken over many years and over many seasons. The exceptions are those taken by professional photographer Andy Stavert in winter 2008.
The developer and his forestry networks showed a small portion of one property at the height of drought in 2007. During 2006 nothing was in flower.
This property, the Firewood Barons , had been grazed with stock without spell for many years. This despite it being heavily wooded , and forestry networks describing it of being of “no agricultural value” . Despite there own findings , that to improve understorey  values stock should be  excluded.. Of course they made no mention of these facts.
They then tried to pass of the entire Mount Rae forest  as “overstocked” with trees. That this means they cannot grow to their full potential and thus the forest lacks hollows as well as understorey plants.
They claimed these are signs of an “unhealthy ” forest. It is apparently “dead and dying” “in senescence” “moribund” and can only be saved by logging it for commercial firewood.
This is allowed under PNF legislation as long as 20 trees are left for every 2 ha. (5 acres).

this property PNF approved for commercial firewood logging

existing habitat: Hollow bearing trees and a small pond


Ignoring all genuine science about this forest the Southern Tablelands Farm Forestry Network  (STFFN) claim that opponents to their plans to log Mount Rae Forest for firewood rely on cute images of “possums and kangaroos” . So here’s a few cute images for them… 

I love my mum , and we both love Mount Rae Forest exactly as it is.



Firewood logging in the forest ? WHAT THE ....


THE WILDLIFE OF THE FOREST NEED A SAVIOUR. "Please Lord , hear my prayer. The Environment Department has forsaken us. Please save us from logging and mining in this forest.




Hello possums. Have you heard that the STFFN are backing a firewood flogger to cut down trees in this forest at a commercial scale. They say they are improving it for us! More like STuFF'N it for us!






and a not so cute photo...



Detail Mount Rae Forest-winter 2008 -Andy Stavert

The Forest-taken by Mark Selmes in summer 2012

Photos  by Andy Stavert were taken in 2008 and donated to raise this forests profile and raise funds. The originals were kinAndy’s photos were transferred to canvas by Bob and Sonja  Millis (ARTHEAD -Goulburn) and sold at a fundraiser (see page COMMUNITY EFFORTS elsewhere on this site) 

Trees in winter- Andy Stavert 2008 Mount Rae forest
Tree study by Andy Stavert-Mount Rae Forest winter 2008
Mount Rae Forest Winter 2008 by Andy Stavert
Mount Rae Forest winter 2008

Thanks Andy!

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