One landowner in this forest is Lance Jurd. His property is a member of the Wildlife Land Trust . Lance is a licensed breeder of the Green and Gold Bell frog and a former DEC consultant on this species. He has had a grant to protect habitat on his land for the Alpine Tree Frog. (Littorea Verrauxi Alpina) . His property is also less than a hundred metres from those the NSW Government has approved for commercial logging. 

LANCE JURD: “Anything which alters the ecology has a chain reaction to a line of species . These areas should be preserved for all time to keep the balance and beauty of nature intact and to pass it on to future generations”. 

The following is from a media release from Federal Member Alby Schulz: “$7,210 Vermin Proof fence to protect the Alpine Tree Frog at Mount Rae. This project will protect threatened species including the Alpine tree frog. it will erect 2km of fnecing around 10ha of endangered plants and a dam to exclude feral animals , plant 500 native trees to enhance habitat and construct a dam outside of the fenced area.”

Next door the NSW Government allows felling native trees and apparently “enhances ” the same habitat with commercial scale firewood clearing.

For a complete list of the amphibians (9 frog species) and the over 230 flora and fauna species of Mount Rea forest see:

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