Mount Rae forest is home to the threatened Squirrel Glider (Petaurus norfelcensis), the Greater Broad Nosed bat (rueppellii scoteanax)  ,  and Eastern Bent wing bat,(miniopteris schreibersii oceanensis)  all listed as vulnerable species in NSW. 

These were verified during a mammal survey conducted over 4 properties (adjoining those approved for logging) in Mount Rae forest by Pat Guinane of LATERALS ENVIRONMENTAL.  (feb.2008)

METHODOLOGY: Field work included  echolocation call analysis, spotlighting, hair trap analysis, Elliott trapping and incidental signs. Transects for each technique was spread across habitats occurring in the study area to take a random representative sample.

RESULTS … “indicative of a site of a forest of quite some ecological significance …”THE SURVEY DETECTED 3 NSW THREATENED SPECIES OF MAMMALS ON THE FIRST DAY OF SURVEY”

8 bat species were recorded using Anabat technology during this survey  and analysed by Fly By Night Surveys Pty. Ltd with two species verified as threatened.

Native forests support a wide range of plant species and Endangered Ecological Communites (EEC’s) are usually identified by floristic assemblages . These will contain a host of interdependent species ranging from fungi and lichen, to grasses , herbs , shrubs and trees. These in turn support many mammal species . From the small  carnivorous antechinus of Mout Rae forest to the large Eastern Grey kangaroo . Even these large macropods play a role in the landscape. The Swamp wallaby  plays an esential role in the recycling of nutrients through a preference for fungi which passes through its stomach and adds essential nutrients for eucalypt species.

It is unfortunate that these more common species are not recognised in the planning processes of man. They routinely die through these continued logging regimes .

I hold that , the more helpless a creature , the more entitiled it is to protection from the cruelty of man”      Mahatma Gandi     

For a complete list of the 23 mammal species currently identified in  Mount Rae forest and the approximately  240 flora and fauna species please go to :

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