Other vegetation


“If you like to breathe and you like to eat, you should care more about plants” David Beckett, Chair of IUCN’s  Species Survival Commission.


From the “Australian Network for  Plant Conservation” :

Since 1770 more than 60 species of Australian plants have become extinct (as far as we can tell) and over 1100 are under threat. ” 

We are at a critical stage for protecting native vegetation in NSW , particularly on private land in agricultural regions. These few remaining forested areas with their special biodiversity are very scarce. We should not be teraing them down and chopping them up for firewood.   

For a complete list of the nearly 140 tree , shrub , grass , orchid , herb, lilly and sedge species in Mount Rae Forest and the over 230 species of flora and fauna please click on the following  link: http://sites.google.com/site/mountraeforestsite/