Legislation not Conservation

Private Native Forestry provides the legislative requirements ( ie. LOOPHOLES) that commercial  firewood merchants and forestry supporters need to support their own lack of genuine science on forest management for non-wood values. Biodiversity is something that has not even been acknowledged by the proponents in Mount Rae forest , except to say it is lacking and will be improved by logging regimes. The following comment was not regarding PNF but reflects the frustration of all who struggle with inadequate PNF legislation…

Dr Hugh Possingham (1991) “This brings us to a common theme commented on by so many biologists : namely that without adequate surveys on habitat suitability, losses will occur before we have enough data to confidently assess population viability and reform forestry practices accordingly”

  The following pages are necessary to show the flaws in forestry assertions, generalisations and unsubstatiated opinions  that STFFN and the developer try to pass of as “sound science”    concerning the biodiversity of Mount Rae forest. Biodiversity that they have denied exists in this forest. Logging will systematically remove the food and shelter of species , and should more property owners in this forest apply for PNF it will directly lead to future  extinctions as their is no consideration of cumulative effects under PNF and we will literally see death by a thousand cuts.  

The frequency and duration of operations in Mount Rae forest will be driven , not by any concerns for enhancing biodiversity , but by the financial returns to landholders and firewood merchants, and by the minimum restirctions imposed by PNF legislation. Biodiversity losses will occur over extended time frames and far from being ‘benign’ and an ‘improvement’ represents conversion of exisiting habitat to production  forests for financial returns.



















































































































































































































































































































































































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