How you can help…

Please contact the various Ministers listed below and ask them  to take action to  rectify the worst aspects of the PNF COP interim act when it is presented  later in 2012 as a Private Native Forestry Bill. Please request that the environmentally negative aspects of this legislation be removed .      
The main issues -exemplified by the Mount Rae case are :
1. The need for MEANINGFUL, INDEPENDENT ENVIRONMENTAL surveying to be conducted prior to logging approvals.
2. Regulations to prevent PNF logging for such low end products as commercial scale firewood and woodchips.
3. No logging in Endangered Ecological Communities (EEC’s) and High Conservation Value (HCV) forests and woodlands.    
Other major causes for concern in the current legislation are :
1. End logging on lands above 18 degrees of slope (whilst others are restricted to 18 degrees , PNF outrageously  allows logging on lands up to 30 degrees of slope) 
Contact details for those responsible for landclearing in NSW:
The  NSW  Premier:
ph:  (o2) 9228 5239
Fax: 9228 3035
post: Mr Barry O’Farrell, MP
GOP BOx 5341
Sydney NSW 2001.
The   NSW Environment Minister :
Ph: (o2) 9228 5253
Fax: (02) 9228 5263
Postal address: The Hon. Robyn Parker , MP
level 32 Governor Macquarie Tower
1 Farrer Pl.
Sydney NSW 2001.
The  NSW Minister for Primary Industries :
ph: 9228 5210
Fax:9228 5969
Ms Katrina Hodgkinson, MP
Level 30 Government Maquarie Tower
1 Farrer Pl, 
Sydney NSW 2000



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