Private Land Conservation

vegetation surveys by government ecologists

Government ecologists performing detailed plot surveys as part of vegetation assessments for Conservation Agreements.
Some landowners are entering NSW State Government agreements with the NSW Environment Minister which recognise the high conservation values of this forest to protect lands in perpetuity from any future approvals by the NSW State Government Environment Minister for commercial scale firewood clearing. Sounds crazy? thats because it is…
Wildlife Land Trust
    Quote from Andy Warhol: I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want to  own.
Five adjoining   properties in Mount Rae forest have undertaken assessments for State Government  Conservation Agreements.
” The NSW Government will only enter a conservation agreement over land of high conservation value. This is land that has a range of

this float by the Goulburn Field Naturalist's Society featured the International Year of Forests and promoted private land conservation.

natural and cultural attributes, is in a native condition and is not environmentally degraded. ” (source: Environmental Defenders Organisation-EDO )

These properties were asessed as suitable by the Office of Environment and Heritage and on ground biodiversity surveys were performed.  
Two property owners (including myself) entered these legal covenants which give state protection in perpetuity to these lands. All lands were recognised to contain healthy remnant native vegetation and threatened species either present or located on an adjacent property. They contained the EEC Tablelands Basalt Forest and significant vegetation.
Land management issues and strategies were discussed. A fox baiting program will soon follow . Help has been given in supporting my nest box program. In discussions with government ecologists , at no point was clearing lands with heavy machinery recommended as a management option!  
Four properties have entered Wildlife Land Trust agreements and expressed their intent to manage for conservation.

2010 was the International year of Biodiversity. 2010 -20 is the International Decade of Biodiversity.

COMMENT: It would appear to me that it is up to individual landowners to take action for biodiversity , supported by those within the Department who are still true to their conservation ethic, in the face of  departmental bureaucrats who appear to be dominated by foresty and mining interests.

Landholders are encouraged by governments to get involved.  Document threatened species.Increase connectivity. protect from future climate change . Protect thabitat. Landowners respond. So what does the government do ? Approve commercial logging in the very same habitat…

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